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Balcón del Tajo

The Tajo river walks through the core of the Iberian Peninsula, in a trail which is the longest of all rivers, with more than 1,000 kilometers. In each section, it shows the reflection of the personality of the environment it goes through, and at the same time the impetus of its waters. Since its birth, to its mouth in Lisbon, the Tajo shows landscapes of serene beauty.

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  • This route takes place in the Area of Regional Interest of Sierra de San Pedro, which is part of the Cordillera Oretana that originates in the mounts of Toledo and finishes in Portugal, entering this country by Sierra de San Mamede. San Pedro forms a natural borderline between the provinces of...

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  • Trata-se de uma actividade que visa divulgar os recursos turísticos e patrimoniais do concelho de Portalegre. Os passeios constituem uma oportunidade única de conhecer e explorar a história dos monumentos, em articulação com a própria história da cidade.
    Na visita guiada pela cidade, a...