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Territory: Spain

Description Turist:

Inscriptions and stone plaques testify that there was already a settlement here in Roman times, but it is its closeness to the border that determined its history. This is shown by the fact that the town was burnt down four times by Portuguese armies: once in the 15th century, twice in the 17th, and again in the 18th century.
It has always been called La Zarza and in the middle of the 17th century Felipe IV awarded it the suffix “la Mayor” for the heroism shown in the armed conflicts.
It played an important role in the reconquering of upper Extremadura. In these times there were four castles in the area, all under Arab rule: Benavente, Bernardo, Peña de Fray Domingo and Racha –Rachel.
A period of increased stability began in 1356, when it received the charters Fueros del Concejo (charter of council) and Villa de La Zarza, with the aim of stimulating the repopulation of the area.