Águila-azor perdicera

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Type: Birds

Scientific name: Hieraaetus fasciatus

Classification: Orden: Falconiformes; Familia: Accipitridae

Description: An agile, slender raptor somewhat smaller than the golden eagle (length 60-70 cm, wingspan 150-170 cm). The upperparts are dark brown with a white spot on the back between the shoulders. In flight and from underneath, you can see a black band on the wings and end of the tail which is characteristic, contrasting with the white belly with blackish striation. The female is larger. Juveniles feature a plumage design with primarily reddish tones. Its diet is based on average size birds like doves, red-legged partridges or jackdraws, mammals and, to a lesser extent, reptiles.

Distribution: 112

Level of protection in Extremadura: In danger of extinction (PE)

Level of protection in Spain: Sensitive to the alteration of their habit (SAH)

Inhabit: Ave típica de los paisajes mediterráneos que prefiere zonas de clima seco y cálido con relieve accidentado pero evitando la alta montaña. Nidifica en paredes y cantiles rocosos y en ocasiones en plataformas sobre árboles e incluso sobre torretas eléctricas.