Curruca cabecinegra

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Type: Birds

Scientific name: Sylvia melanocephala

Classification: Orden: Passeriformes ; Familia: Sylviidae

Description: Warblers are small birds with jittery and restless behaviour. They mainly eat insects, although they also consume berries, fruit and seeds, especially during migration. This species is similar in size to a sparrow (length 13-14 cm, wingspan 15-18 cm). The head features a black hood, the throat and underside of the jowls are white and the eye ring is red. The male plumage is grey on top and paler on the bottom whereas female plumage is more discrete with a grey head and brown back.

Distribution: 59

Level of protection in Extremadura: Vulnerable (VU)

Level of protection in Spain: Vulnerable (VU)

Inhabit: Ocupa todo tipo de matorrales.