Ganga ibérica

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Type: Birds

Scientific name: Pterocles alchata

Classification: Orden: Pteroclidiformes; Familia: Pteroclidae

Description: A smaller and more slender bird than the black-bellied sungrouse (length 31-39 cm, wingspan 55 cm) with longer and edgier mid-feathers on the tail. The females have two black bands between the throat and chest whereas the males only have one along with a paler brown spot on the chest. The belly and lower side of the wings are white. The back is grey brown and ochre. The sides of the head are orange and there is a black stripe on the eyes and throat. There is a chestnut-coloured area bordered by black on the chest. Its voice reminds one of a jackdraw. In the winter, they form bands of hundreds of individuals and during the reproductive period, they split into pairs. It nests on the ground. It feeds almost exclusively on seeds of herbaceous plants and requires regular water consumption, concentrating in drinking troughs.

Distribution: 107

Level of protection in Extremadura: In danger of extinction (PE)

Level of protection in Spain: Vulnerable (VU)

Inhabit: Zonas abiertas formadas por pastizales y cultivos de cereal en secano aunque también presente en dehesas de escaso arbolado.