Tæjo Internacional

In the sharp edge where Extremadura meets the Luso side, there is a territory unique for its beauty, unknown and exciting. A land inhabited since immemorial time, watered by a sacred river that once separated us and now rejoins Spanish and Portuguese in the desired saramaguian Iberia: the International Tajo or International Tejo, if we see it from the other side, is now more than ever a challenge, a model of joint effort, the last natural frontier of the old Europe.More


Paseos por el Tæjo

The Tajo river walks through the core of the Iberian Peninsula, in a trail which is the longest of all rivers, with more than 1,000 kilometers. In each section, it shows the reflection of the personality of the environment it goes through, and at the same time the impetus of its waters. Since its birth, to its mouth in Lisbon, the Tajo shows landscapes of serene beauty. Discover the tours we offer you crossing the sites and populations Taejo International Park.

River trips

The "Balcony of Taejo" is a vessel with capacity for 80 people, with headquarters in Herrera de Alcántara, reception point for visitors and origin of the two routes designed. Acting as a true floating interpretive center it gives visitors the chance to meet the jewels of our fauna as the imperial eagle and the black stork, with the help of specialized guides, who will forward the environmental relevance of this privileged environment and the importance of its conservation.